School Improvement Service

SCSP seeks to provide academies and schools, both within SCSP Trust but also for other schools who wish to commission external, impartial support, with a coherent and comprehensive range of review and evaluation activities. This supports them in obtaining a quality assured and objective ‘external view’ to feed in to their self-evaluation and inform improvement planning.

SCSP encourages you to approach us directly to discuss the support that you need from the range of improvement opportunities available. Whenever possible it is helpful to contact us well in advance, as this makes it easier for us to plan ahead for the deployment of our team or identify the right person to provide the service you require. SCSP will also offer follow up meetings to support schools, when they request it, to identify the right partners to work with in order to address any actions that arise from any review or evaluation activity.

For more information about the aspects of School Improvement or School2School support available from SCSP please view the documents below for more information:

School Improvement Service Documents

SCSP School Improvement Offer final.pdf

School Improvement Offer

SCSP School2School Improvement Offer updated Feb 18.pdf

SCSP School2School Improvement Offer

SCSP is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State of Education.  It is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales

(company number 8356745), whose registered office is at Monteney Primary School, Monteney Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9DN.

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