Across SCSP we recognise that leadership is the ‘golden thread’ weaving through the success of a school. We know that having strong governance at all levels and supporting effective governance is critical to sustaining success. Effective challenge, the right support and accurate self-evaluation are key to any setting improving.

Effective governance is crucial to this success. It provides confident, strategic leadership and creates robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. In line with the Governance Handbook key elements of strong governance can be summarised as:

For information about outlining our governance principles, remits and overall model, please access the documents provided on this page. For all statutory information, please access the “Statutory Information” page using the links provided.

Key Governance Documents

SCSP Structures.pdf SCSP Academy leadership - Governance final.pdf SCSP Governance Structure v2.pdf

Organisational structure

Academy Leadership

SCSP Governance Structure

Statutory Information

Statutory Information

SCSP is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State of Education.  It is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales

(company number 8356745), whose registered office is at Monteney Primary School, Monteney Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9DN.

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